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You cant afford to buy a farm in South America ? Maybe these are another options


Farmlands in Brazil and Argentina are some of the most fertile, productive and sought after in the world, but investors looking at the continent should be cautious. Brazil and Argentina  currently have laws that place certain limits on the foreign ownership (individuals and corporations) of farmland.

Other farm in South America  countries like Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay are much more foreign business friendly. But Chile (very mountainous) and Uruguay (small country) offer comparatively fewer farmland opportunities for investors than the much larger and farmland-rich Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina.

To cater for the smaller investors GTSA is putting together a private fund  option ( non listed ) which will be available for investors later this year. It will concentrate on the development of virgin farm land into cropping properties in Paraguay and Colombia. For more information contact us at [email protected]

Also there are these options below.

Cresud (NASDAQ: CRESY) is a very large Argentina-based farm company with about 2.4 million acres of land in Argentina (66%), Brazil (19%), Paraguay (13%) and Bolivia (2%). The company is a farmer of soybeans (making up 56% of its crops), corn (20%) and single digit percentages of sugarcane, sunflower, wheat and other grains. The company has livestock operations in beef cattle ranching, sheep herding and dairy cow milking. Cresud also has a 64.5% stake in the Argentina real estate developer in IRSA, which in turn owns about 30% of the Argentina bank Banco Hipotecario.

Adecagro (NYSE: AGRO) is based in Luxembourg, but owns about 725,000 acres across Brazil (66.6%), Argentina (32.2%) and Uruguay 1.2%). Much like fellow South American farmer Cresud, Adecagro is involved in the growing of various grain crops, sugarcane, cattle ranching and dairy cow milking. Adecagro also has business segments in coffee beans and cotton growing and ethanol fuel production.

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