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What Questions to Ask A Real Estate Salesperson before hiring them?

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I have put together some questions that anyone who is thinking of selling their real estate should consider asking when interviewing a potential sales person or company to use.

Before interviewing them do some homework. The most important is to check their Web Presence. Without this they should not be on your list of potential brokers. Google them.

Questions to Ask when interviewing an unknown Real Estate Salesperson

How do you get your listings ? From your company or from past referrals. Past referrals means they are good salepersons to get past clients to use them again and again… 

Do you network and if so how and where?  Networking is very important, but ask what kind of networking? Professional networking among other real estate professionals or social networking throughout the community ( Polo Clubs, Rotary, Farm organisations, Private School boards etc ),  or by being active in the local community through nonprofit volunteering and civic involvement? There are many forms of networking, but which ones indicate that the salesperson could be able to leverage these relationships into the successful transaction for the you?

What’s your time availability if I have a question. Seven days a week ?

How many properties did you sell last year ?

How many real estate related courses did you take a year other than the required to keep your license….again tells you if they are vested in learning more or just caring about the money.

Names and telephone numbers of past and current clients and not just  referral letters (some can be made up )

How long have you been an salesperson for this company?

If you are selling a residential property ask if they can arrange it to be “staged ” Only 5% of the people see beyond what they see ie….95% see only what is in front of them. Home staging to improve presentation is probably one of the most important added value services for selling proposes.

Are you full-time? (If the answer is “No”, escort them to the door and wish them a “good day”.)

Do you answer your phone right away or within 20 minutes – 7 days a week? (If the answer is “No, I occasionally check my voice mail each hour or each day.” , do not list your property with the salesperson.)

Do you have a full-time assistant that I can talk to if I cannot reach you? (The answer should be: Yes.)

Is your real estate office open 7 days a week?

“Why should I chose you?” is another good question.

Can you refer reputable Real Estate Lawyers or other real estate service providers and would these people you referred me to be paying you a commission for this referral?

Are you involved in Civic or Charitable organizations?

What qualifications do you hold and what is their significance?

What professional organizations are you affiliated with?

What tools do you use to market properties ? ie what is your Blog address, Facebook book address, LinkedIn address, Direct Mailing list source and size,

What is your web presence ? Google them

How do you analyse your web activity.?

Do they understand how SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) key words, blog articles is used in modern real estate marketing. Ask them to explain to you how it works

Reasons not to choose a real estate Salesperson or Company

They were willing to charge me less commission. Immediately be suspicious as a skilled salesperson with a good track record has no reason to discount his fees. 

My friend or relative says they sell real estate so I feel I have to use them. If you must use them make them work along side an experienced salesperson as an assistant broker.

They have no plan on how they will market your property. No systems in place. No vendor paid marketing options. No selling options ie with a price or without a price.

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Gateway to South America
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