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Agriculture in Argentina future expectations

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Growth prospects for the next five years

1 trend:
Enpa revealed that there is a lesser intention to produce on land of third parties, that there is a low or no growth in soybean cultivation and a high increase in investments in activities related to animal protein.

2 investments
92% of the mega-producers (over 10,000 ha) are planning to invest in the next five years. Los Grandes (more than 1800 ha), 86%; The commercials, (between 600 and 1800 ha), 84%, and the median, 64% (300 and 600 ha).

3 expectation
On average, for the next five years, producers are expected to grow 18% on the surface. This includes crops and pastures. The highest percentages correspond to medium (26%) and commercial (26%).

4 Products
The areas that have the highest expectation of growth are swine production (100% for medium producers and 525% for mega producers) and pasture production (91%, in the case of the Mega 9 5 cattle ranching.

5 Livestock
In the number of bovine cattle, the producers surveyed plan to grow 44% in five years; By branches, an increase in heads of 25% for dairy and 111% in swine is estimated.

Source: La Nacion

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Post available in: English Español

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