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Uruguay is one of the largest meat producers in the world. Their cattle are raised in the open, under natural conditions with a mild climate, fertile land and abundance of water generated in its many rivers and streams, ensuring the welfare of animals.

Uruguay took its commitment to preserving a sustainable production system, where the animals live year-round in harmony with the environment, and this added to the responsible use of production technology, has determined that the Uruguayan meat obtained its status as natural, safe Highly nutritious, extra-lean and distinctive flavor.

The importance of the livestock sector and meat export in Uruguay´s economy can hardly be overestimated. However, more important than this fact is the optimism with which we observe the future growth potential of this sector.

Historically the sector has been the historical leader of the country’s exports and in this, there is a solid work to reinforce this hegemony implementing projects and programs seeking to achieve certification to gain more international markets.

Uruguay has the capacity and ability of all actors in the agro-industrial chain for the production of meat and an institutional framework that ensures the health of animals, meat safety and commercial quality required by buyers.

For over 30 years the country has a group tracking system and more recently with traceability mechanisms that allow tracking individual animals from its inception and until they reach refrigerator.

Access to major markets requires a great job on security. Thus, the certification of this product ensures that the products obtained through this series of steps are under control.

Implement a tracking system, both livestock and the industry becomes an essential tool to grant such certifications. In addition to the health and safety aspects, it is useful also to address specific business requirements of buyers.

Mandatory certification as a Certified Quality Control Officer COCC and certification of the Hilton quota that Uruguay offers to guarantee product quality at the markets. Optional Certifications, which include those that are needed for a particular market and that the Institute makes available to the exporters, is the market Meat Certification required by the Chilean government to ensure compliance with established regulations of that country. Voluntary certifications, those that INAC, constantly in search of better opportunities for insertion of Uruguayan beef in the world offers as a tool of differentiation.

These certifications are framed in Meat Certification Programs PPC

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