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URUGUAY to have greater presence in international meat market

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Asian markets continue to lead in meat demand.

With a projected levels of stable consumption and a global supply of meat not presenting growth, Uruguay will have a new challenge in 2014, to increasing their leadership and make greater presence in China, European Union and Korea.

At the annual meeting of the consultant Gíra (Research & Consultancy Prospective et Strategie), held in Davonne (France), the trends were analyzed and the most likely scenarios for 2014 were projected.

The future scenario shows promise for bovine meat and mainly for producers such as Uruguay, which will face new challenges to be a producing country that increases year after year in it’s leadership in the global market.

At the meeting, the experts stressed that in 2014, the global market doesn’t show potential for growth because there are limitations on the size of the cattle herd and in industrial processing, but the most important news is that levels of consumption will remain constant, with China, the European Union and other countries such as lead consumers.

The consultancy predicted that the volume of beef sold in Asian markets will increase next year, with producers such as Brazil and India providing higher volumes to market.

In this context, Uruguay as a producer of high-quality beef has new challenges ahead and opportunities, for example taking advantage of the growing demand in China (now the largest buyer by volume) and having a larger presence in the European Union, a market that is showing signs of recovery and where imports are expected to continue to grow.

Other strong global producers such as the United States, are in limited supply due to a restructuring of production after drought, expecting prices and imports to rise in 2014.

But China is emerging as the main motor that moves the demand. On the other hand, South Korea also demand more meat and Uruguay have the opportunity to make agreater presence in that market.

Food safety continues to be an important issue in the markets, especially in China, due to recent events that have violated consumer confidence in local products.

At the meeting of the consultant Gíra more than 30 experts from around the world are participating along with 20 experts from the consultant.

The delegation of the National Meat Institute (INAC) is integrated by Ruy Fernando Gil (CEO), Silvana Bonsignore, director of external markets, Pablo Caputti, director of information and economic analysis, as well as Carlos Mendez, head of the Unit Special Studies.

In 2014 a recovery in the global economy driven by China, India and Europe are expected.

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