Update on GTSA’s New Digital Property Platform release

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Our new property website is live, so we start loading properties from the legacy site as soon as possible. Like the newsletter, this site will better enable us to send out information regularly to targeted audiences. Our sponsored newsletter site has been an excellent source of stable subscribers, and we hope the new property one will be as well.


It will also give us the flexibility to promote independent agents’ properties in areas where we have no presence, giving them the same advantage of reaching new potential buyers they would never otherwise reach.


The Changing Political Outlook for Our Region


Argentine President Milei’s radical change in direction after 70 years of failed Socialism (Peronism ) is being watched inside the country (suffering the pain of change) and the rest of the world as the changes occur.


So far, the response has been positive, even by those most adversely affected by the changes. Suppose success is achieved in controlling inflation and opening up the economy to competition. In that case, neighbouring countries will likely follow suit, attracting a flood of investment capital looking for a home in a troubled world.


Europe, the US, and the Middle East have all become very problematic for small and more significant investors due to their instability, unfriendly investment rules, and, worse, the drums of an impending war.


GTSA, one of the most recognisable brands in real estate marketing, is looking to exploit these new market trends after years of local stagnation.


It has invested heavily in its marketing technology and recruiting skilled partners to help individual vendors and real estate brokers reach an audience for their clients, which they would never hope to get unless prepared to spend tens of thousands of dollars in overseas advertising.


Because we work in a bilingual region, we understand the importance of sending emails in the language of preference. This form will show you our options. If you fill it out, even if you are already subscribed, your preferences will be automatically updated.


We welcome those serious about buying or selling real estate in the region to collaborate with us to take advantage of the new opportunities we see to market your properties to a larger audience.

Saludos cordiales / Kind regards

Geoffrey W W McRae 

GTSA | Real Estate Services AR – BR – CL- PY – PE – UY W:

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Twitter: @GTSA_SA 

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