This is the most Parisian street in all of Buenos Aires: it has the best cafes, and it is where the most renowned art galleries are located

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Buenos Aires is characterised by its neighbourhoods of French architecture. Each one of them is completely different when it comes to going through them. For example, in the Retiro neighbourhood, there is Calle Arroyo, one of the most beautiful streets in the city.

Over time, this art centre managed to become one of the places in the city that manages to attract the attention of all tourists who decide to visit Buenos Airesl.


Arroyo Street is one of the most picturesque in Buenos Aires, made up of architectural buildings from the past, palaces and French-style residences. On the other hand, it is a very short street that begins at the intersection of Juncal and Esmeralda and then ends at Plaza Carlos Pellegrini, with Avenida Alvear as its natural continuation.

For many people “Arroyo” is one of the most “Parisian” places in the city. These important buildings are located in it: The Mihanovich Tower or Bencich Tower at number 845 (former headquarters of the Hotel Sofitel); the former Celedonio Pereda residence (or Palacio Pereda), current Embassy of Brazil and designed by the architect Louis Martin; and the residential building at the intersection with Libertad Street, designed by Eduardo Le Monnier and of course at its end the Estrugamou Palace one of the most impressive Classic Building in the city.

Once a month, one of the most important events takes place on this street: the “Gallery Nights”. In this event, its doors are enabled free of charge from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

During the event, you can enjoy cocktails by hand and an orchestra on duty. It takes place in April and lasts until December in order to entertain and show the work of different artists and sell their art.

Despite its limited extension, Calle Arroyo has gastronomic paradises. For example, the restaurant El Viejo Caviar is owned by Carmen Miranda, who is the mother of Narda Lepes. This place is considered by many to be the best French bistro of the 80s and Farinelli’s distinct.

There, the Embassy of Israel was located, which suffered one of the most terrible attacks in the country’s history on March 17, 1992, which left 22 dead.

The attack completely destroyed the headquarters of the embassy and consulate, located at numbers 910 and 916 Arroyo Street in the city of Buenos Aires. That day, there were 22 dead and 242 wounded.


In case you want to know Arroyo street there are these alternatives. The following transit lines have routes that pass near Calle Arroyo 88.

  • Collective: 100 (3), 152, 61, 67, 92.
  • Train: North Belgrano, Miter, San Martin, Sarmiento
  • Subway: Line C – Retiro
The Estrugamou Palace Calle Arroyo y Esmeralda

Source: La Cronista

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