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This hi tech dairying farm in Uruguay is lead by an Argentine businessman

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Juan Carlos LópezEl Talar dairy company in Uruguay was started by Juan Carlos López Mena, who had a dream of helping to provide food to the world. In 2006, construction on the dairy farm began and by 2008, they started milking cows. The farm occupies about 6,800 hectares (about 16,800 acres) for dairy and feed production. In total, there are 3,200 cows on the farm, and cows are milked three times per day to keep them comfortable.

A major focus at Talar is sustainability. All feed for the animals is grown on site, and all waste is composted. A major expansion is in progress, and Juan Carlos says the company’s goal is to produce zero pollution in the future. All water used on the farm is recycled on site, and some of the manure is processed for biofuel.

Juan Carlos was able to start a dairy farm based on his past business successes. He is the owner of Buquebus, a major transportation company in Argentina and Uruguay. Buquebus is also built on a model of sustainability. The buses use 50% biodiesel, and some of them are completely electric, which is a first for Uruguay. Juan Carlos’ next goal, he said, was to reach 0% pollution with both his dairy farm and transportation company.

Juan Carlos López Mena tamboTalar produces about 25,000 liters of milk per day and does so in an extremely efficient way.

Although it is far from being up to its maximum potential production he has been careful not to compromise the balance between the environment and long term financial sustainability.


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Comments from our readers

  • GTSA says:

    Juan Carlos López Mena actually is a Porteno, a native of Buenos Aires, Argentina and is a legendary transportation industry executive and investor. In the 1990s, he began acquiring faster ships with airplane seats and spacious duty-free shops to compete with airlines to attract international passengers. He has always been an innovator in transportation technologies; in 1994, he bought hydrofoil ships to journey between Colonia and Buenos Aires. In 1998, he famously took control of Ferry Lines, which operated the ships Atlantic I, City of Rosario, Nicholas Mihanovich, Buenos Aires, and City of Paraná, later creating a tourism division.

    Currently Juan Carlos López Mena is president of the Cypresses SA, which owns Buquebus, Urugua, Buquebus Argentina, BQB Airlines, and the Fundación Buquebus. In early 2011, Buquebus contracted Tasmanian high-speed ferry builder, Incat, to build the world’s first LNG-fueled catamaran. On June 15, 2013, the 324-foot (99 meter), 1,000 passenger vessel set a world-record speed of 58.1 knots (67 miles/hour or 108 km/hour). “Of course there are a few speed boats that can surpass 58 knots,” said Robert Clifford, founder and chairman of Incat, “Nothing, though, that can carry 1,000 passengers and 150 cars and with an enormous duty free shop at that speed.”

    Among his other pursuits, Juan Carlos López Mena also is president of the Uruguayan-Argentine Chamber of Commerce and directs the model dairy farm “El Talar” in the department of Maldonado. Formerly, he served as director of the Navy League Argentina, director of the Chamber of Argentina Commerce in Florida, member of the Permanent Forum Dialogue Argentine Spanish, member of the Private Sector Américas, honorary consul of the Kingdom of Morocco in Uruguay, member of the committee of high-speed ferries Classification Society Det Norske Veritas in Hovik, Norway, and honorary investment adviser of the Municipality of Cologne, Uruguay.

    Due to Uruguay favourable tax laws he is domiciled currently in Uruguay.

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