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The untold story of the Malvinas ( aka Falklands ) war in 1987

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Malvinas War – The Untold Story (1987) Five years after the war in the Malvinas between Britain and Argentina, many facts were still wrapped in red tape. Many of the key figures had remained silent. No-one had been to Argentina to tell the other side of the story. For the majority of the British people, the war was another glorious chapter in their history. With flags waving and bands playing, British troops had sailed away to repel the invaders. Patriotic emotions were stirred as they returned victorious. ‘The Falklands War – The Untold Story’, shot in Britain, the United States, Argentina and the Falklands, revealed for the first time to the British public the harsh realities of modern warfare. It caused controversy in Britain because it also told Argentina’s story. Government MPs tried to get the film banned, but Yorkshire TV’s telephones were jammed with messages of support from wives and mothers of those who died in the conflict. Called ‘the documentary to end all documentaries about the Falklands War’ in the British press, it was also described as ‘more poem than polemic – a hymn against war’.

Margaret Thatcher being questioned on the sinking of the Belgrano

A sad moment in history for both countries that should never be repeated but remembered with sadness for all the young men and women lost or wounded. The war lasted 74 days, and resulted in the deaths of 255 British and 649 Argentine soldiers, sailors, and airmen, and three civilian Falklanders. #adp02

Today in the Malvinas there is at least there is one part of the population that is relaxed as to their future but they dont speak English or Spanish

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Post available in: English


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