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The Marxists are in Power in Argentina and Brazil

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The stats are ugly. Brazil’s currency has lost 40% of its value since early 2014. Argentina is already in default and a massive devaluation is likely to follow soon.

Brazil also must deal with the murky politics of Petrobras, which could lead to the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff. This scandal threatens to put a stop to virtually all of the country’s civil construction projects.

In Argentina which has become a an economic basket case, the president and her closest advisors are nearly all under investigation for corruption or worse which may also end in criminal convictions..

By now we’ve all seen Marxism and its variations in enough countries to know how it works. Marxism equalizes society by making everyone poor. The poor stay poor. The middle class becomes poor. The rich either get poor or get murdered. And the politically connected get insanely rich.

But overall there’s less inequality. Yeah right,

So in Argentina and Brazil the Marxists are currently in power, and things are not pleasant. Inflation is at 30% and 8% respectively, and in Brazil the currency, the Brazilian Real, has lost 40% of its value just since early 2014. Brazil and Argentina are both suffering from crashing commodity prices

Argentina and Brazil are basically commodity economies, and all commodity economies are really struggling right now. Essentially, it has the same problems as Canada and Australia, but with the added burden of having Marxists in charge.

Will this change ? We think so. The populations are sick of the status quo and want positive change. The first of these countries to have elections will be Argentina. Let see.


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