The Best Real Estate Marketing Tips For Selling a Property in 2023

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If you are like most people, selling your property is probably one of the most significant financial transactions you will make in your life, so here are some tips for selling a property in 2023 quickly, particularly if it is located in the South American region.

There will be other properties in competition with you, so you must pull out all the stops to get your property in front of the most qualified buyers locally and internationally.

The following marketing ideas may be helpful to you, helping you reach a wider audience than you usually would and hope to ensure that your home sells more quickly and for an above-market price than it otherwise would. Industry statistics prove that professionally marketed properties proactively sell faster and for more money than those not.

Keep reading for some of my best real estate marketing tips for selling your property. By following this guidance, you will be in a much better position for a timely and successful result.

Choose your real estate agent and the company they work for very carefully

Before you ever consider putting your property up for sale, choosing the right real estate broker for your needs is best. You want someone who will do more than just put a sign on the property and a listing up on their website, which will compete with the 10’s millions of other websites on the web of a similar type.

There are several ways you can help ensure you get the best salesperson for you:

Interview more than one real estate agency. If you cannot do it in person, do it via Skype or Facetime.

Taking the time to properly interview real estate salespeople is one of the best marketing tips when selling a home. You can’t get a good idea of what’s out there without talking to at least two to three real estate agents in your region. Don’t think putting in the effort to choose a real estate agent wastes your time. If you live in an international city, make sure you are interviewing international real estate brokers who market and communicate bilingually.

Remember that experienced real estate agents are challenging to find in most locations. Whilst the barriers to entry for the real estate industry are very low, the turnover of failed salespeople is very high. Sadly this allows people to become real estate agents who clearly should be prohibited from doing so. Your property is probably your largest asset. You should treat it like one!

Selecting the right real estate agent could put a significant amount of money in your pocket, which you may miss out on with a less skilled agency. Above all else, look out for the agent who will buy your listing by telling you your property is worth way more than it is.  Plenty of real estate agents will mislead owners about their home’s value just to beat other agents for the business. Also, ask if their company is licensed to operate in the area that you want to sell in.

What is unique in South American cities is the lack of publicly viewable reliable sales data; for example, the time the property is in the market, the price the vendors paid for it, recent sales in the area and other valuable information. Sadly even if it was available, it could often be incorrect, as historically, many sales have been written down to avoid paying the relevant taxes. Only a very active experienced real estate broker will know the true sales prices and will be able to help you set the correct asking price.

Remember, the sale of real estate is a relationship business. A referral from a friend or professional who has used a particular company is invaluable. Watch out that he or she is not referring you just for a personal commission kickback.

Another critical question is if the company you are looking to use is a franchise of a foreign company. Franchising of real estate companies has grown considerably in the past few years within South America. Some of the best-known names are Colliers, Cushman Wakefield, Remax and Sotheby’s, all operating in the region. Some offer excellent service, such as Colliers, which in Chile has won several national awards in Commercial Real Estate. However, others have proven to be boiler houses, and you would be best advised to stay clear if you are looking for personal service.

See if the real estate company has a multilingual website.

A good South American broker in today’s market will have an exceptional SEO ( search engine optimised ) website and a strong web presence in real estate social media. Too many online marketing opportunities must be taken advantage of for a modern broker to not be online bilingually. Over 90% of all buyers find their next home by doing an online search in their country of interest.

Look for a real estate agent investing in their business by adding value to the sales process. Ask if and how they have upgraded their sales skills and industry knowledge. Do they do personal marketing or not.

Also, look for an agent who gives back to their community. It gives you an idea of their personal ethics.

With the advent of smartphones, genuine buyers are also on their social media daily. If they are in the market for a property, vendors are likely to use a broker with an App and who is well-connected locally online. For example, see how well they are found using ‘Key Words’ on the net. Type in “Real Estate in South America” and see who appears.

Ask about his/her personal track record.

You also want a real estate agent with a steady home sales record, including sales in the past year. You also want someone good at pricing properties, so you need to look at the original listing price of their listings vs the actual sale price. There should not be a big gap between the two. ( a sign of overpricing)

You want a real estate agent who can price a property well. Remember that you will see some great real estate marketing ideas below. However, the best marketing worldwide will not sell an overpriced property!  The price you set for your property is more than 75% of the marketing.

Don’t make the mistake that some owners make by avoiding a real estate agent who seems very busy. You want someone who has a successful track record. Successful people are busy people! Would you hire the dentist nobody else wants to use because you will get more one-on-one attention? I hope not! It works the same way with real estate. Choose a salesperson with a track record of success.

Get company and personal references.

A good salesperson should have recent references that tell you how good they are. Without references, there is no way to know if what the salesperson says about themselves is true. Ask for at least two to three recent clients to talk to. Check out their profile on Linkedin and Facebook.

Better yet, look up a couple of listings the agent has and call the owners out of the blue. You will get a far better handle on how an agent performs this way than getting a hand-selected list from the agent. Do you think the agent will give you a list of people who will say negative things? Fat chance!

Pick someone you have strong empathy with

Selling a home is stressful and can sometimes take longer than anticipated. The real estate agent’s track record and abilities are vital, but so is being able to get along with them. You may be spending an extended amount of time together and will almost certainly be dealing with some stressful situations.

Selling a property isn’t just about procuring the buyer but managing the transaction after the contract has been signed. There are several things for a listing agent to represent a seller, as well as attending property inspections and communicating weekly as any issues arise, which they will.

Never underestimate the importance of having a problem solver in your corner. The ideal agent is having someone you like who is also a closer. Remember, this is a business transaction. If you choose between liking someone and business skills, always go with business acumen first!

Ask how they market properties and what options are available to you

The marketing tips that are coming up are good indicators of how serious a salesperson is about selling properties. When you interview your real estate agent, consider taking this list with you and ask the interviewee if he or she uses these different marketing ideas.

Better yet, go out and check them out for yourself. Jump online and do your own research.

Be Creative – Ideas For Marketing Your Property

OK, now for our best marketing ideas for selling a property. No matter the real estate agent you choose, these ideas can be useful when you get serious about selling.

Use Powerful listing descriptions using Key Words.

The web listing is the first place most buyers will see your home. You want to ensure your listing speaks of all the best things about your property. Your agent should be writing property descriptions that sell. For example, there is no point in saying the home has 4 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms in the listing description when a buyer already can see that in the features. With limited copy space to write, make sure the words used are memorable. The focus should be on standout features and that it includes great images to back these descriptions up. Check that the salesperson is familiar with SEO ( search engine optimisation ) Key Words when writing selling scripts and content marketing posts.

Make sure the photography and video are of exceptional quality.

Buyers in 2016 are finding homes online, so this is where photos and videos can make all the difference. You want your photos to stand out and demonstrate the best qualities of your home. Your agent may be great at taking photos, but if they are not, consider bringing in a professional photographer instead. Getting your photos to look sensational is one of the most essential parts of real estate marketing.

Provide beautiful professional video tours.

One of our favourite marketing tips for selling a home is having a spectacular video presentation. Video presentations are the latest development in smart real estate marketing. People love videos and for good reason. They can give a much better feel for what the home is really like before buyers ever walk through the door. With more and more internet users choosing videos over plain text and photos, including video in real estate marketing is quickly becoming necessary.

Video can be more expensive, but it can be worth it if you want to stand out. Here is an example of a video tour for a property we recently marketed in Uruguay. Some real estate salespeople would never consider spending money on marketing one of their listings. For us, it is essential.

However, the best thing about video media is that you can leverage your presentations to Youtube and Vimeo. When someone does a Google search for the address of one of our listings, they will almost always find our presentations on the first page, along with our website.

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