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The Argentines punished their government for the recession, but look what a pandora’s box they’ve opened.

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A lot of Argentinians were frustrated and had the intention of punishing the current business-friendly government without understanding that in this 2019, not 2003 ironically and although it hurts, the least relevant is the local economy.

These choices are the most important that they have ever faced, but at the same time, the simplest. Decency must oppose the K dictatorship because without decency there is no freedom possible and without it simply, there is no point in living.

This election addresses an abysmally essential and ethical aspect: President Macri guarantees institutionality and freedom, while Kirchnerism leads us to a slave left-wing dictatorship.

The difference between the two alternatives couldn’t be more overwhelming and obvious. It is enough to highlight a K army defending the military dictatorship of Maduro by ignoring the testimony of thousands of Venezuelans exiled in Argentina to imagine what these people could do on their return with the civic freedoms of the rest of the Argentines.

Voting blank election forms, and playing the comfortable card of the rabid angry can be the most tragic mistake they have made since returning to democracy, and if you ever notice what it’s costing Venezuela to escape slavery.

To the millions of decent but distracted Argentinians who still inhabit this soil, I would like to tell you that they open their eyes well and do not confuse economic frustration with democratic suicide, the difference between Macri and K is endless.

Today’s Argentina exhibits a multiplicity of problems incubated since 1945 and exacerbated especially in the K-era, but without freedom there will be no possible solution, without freedom poverty will only grow in the hands of tyranny.

Every dictator needs an infinite horde of poor people to profit from his desperation and perpetuate himself in power in exchange for a few crumbs. In case you haven’t already, abandon that naive fury for a few minutes and watch Venezuela’s torment.

Reality speaks for itself and if the K army returns for exactly the same fate, Argentina will no longer be free. Wake up, because if you don’t, this will be the our last choice.” Democracy will not survive another term of the K’s

Source: Germán Fermo (Director, Master’s Degree in Finance at Universidad de San Andrés)

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Post available in: English Español


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  • Bud Clark says:

    In the next 6 months, our company is entering the South American market to bring a forestation project for timber and nursery saplings. we have ruled out Argentina as an option as the government is too unpredictable and “might” return to its past. We are selecting Paraguay as the stable alternative.

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