Uruguay shows at COP26 it is a world leader in renewable energy

Uruguay Achieves 96% in Renewable Energy
Uruguay’s Economy Minister Azucena Arbeleche has told the Energy Forum for the World Beyond Carbon, which was an event within Glasgow’s COP26, that her country was one of the most prominent in terms of renewable energy. Arbeleche made those remarks Thursday before the Forum which aims to promote actions to gradually eliminate coal energy worldwide. In her speech, the minister explained that in the last decade Uruguay has deployed different instruments to promote private investments in wind energy.…

Uruguay: Renewable Energy

Uruguay Achieves 96% in Renewable Energy
What a few years ago seemed like a dream in a country with energy shortages, today is a reality. “In 2016, the electricity generation matrix was 96% renewable, with 63% hydro, 25% wind, 7% biomass and 1% photovoltaic. Only 4% of electricity generation was of fossil origin. ” Now, Uruguay exports its surplus energy, with on the spot modality. Since 2005, Uruguay has started to promote the installation of energy production plants, based on renewable resources. Prior to this, it depended on the hydraulic…
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