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☀ South America Land Prices Review

Free pasture cattle, Uruguay
South America Land Prices Reviewed In the Central American and Andean countries, fertile farmland has never been very abundant, and some of those countries also have restrictions in place regarding larger land holdings by foreigners. Ie Argentina *, Brazil * and Uruguay. * Current policies under review for removal or change. Foreigners have bought large tracts of land over the last few decades in these regions, due to the previous low valuations and absence of restrictions in the following regions: –…

Uruguay Farms Raise Record Funds After Land Prices Jump 11-Fold

Uruguay Farms Raise Record: Uruguayan farm operators are raising a record amount of funds in the securities market after a boom in prices for the country’s farmland. About $124 million of securities tied to agriculture have been issued this year, double last year’s total, after financial trust Fideicomiso Financiero Campos Sustentables sold $50 million in shares on Friday to buy farmland. Another agriculture trust is planning to raise as much as $100 million this year to purchase 10,000 hectares…
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