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image of Cattle grazing, Agricultural investment in Uruguay
Agricultural investment in Uruguay will grow by 5% in this five-year period Global demand for agricultural products will remain strong in the coming decades, mainly sustained by increased consumption in Asia. In developing countries, the current average meat consumption of 26 kg will reach 37 kg by 2030. Meat consumption will continue to rise, as projected by the FAO. FAO Corporate Document Repository. Uruguay is a reliable and attractive destination for foreign agricultural investment. Uruguay is a predominantly…

President Mujica who is selling Uruguay as a safe place to invest received a warm welcome from the President Obama

President Mujica whose is coming up for election this year said Uruguay offers “tremendous guarantees” for investors and is “a decent country”on his second day visit to Washington where he addressed 120 business people at the US Chamber of Commerce during a Tuesday morning work-breakfast. Mujica also announced that foreign investment in Uruguay in ten years has soared from a paltry 300 million dollars to almost 3 billion dollars and this will continue “because Uruguay is going to have another new…

Uruguay is the best place to live in Latin America according to the Legatum Institute

According to the latest Prosperty index, Uruguay ranks 29, followed by Chile, 31, Argentina 39 and Brazil, 52. In the whole of the Americas, Uruguay is the only country that figures in the highest ranking with Canada (6) and the US (10). The rest of South America is ranked medium while Ecuador and Bolivia figure at the lowest level. The Legatum Institute describes itself as an independent non-partisan public policy group based in London, with research, publications, and programs that advance ideas and policies…
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