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60% of Uruguay’s beef exports last year went to China

Uruguay plans to open a trade office in China to promote its star beef products and better position itself in the Asian country, said an industry insider. The post-pandemic era is opening up opportunities for Uruguayan meat which boasts a natural, organic production process and traceability, Fernando Mattos, president of the Uruguay’s National Meat Institute (Inac), told Xinhua recently. Mattos noted that the opening of the first Inac trade office abroad will mark “a milestone” in the goal…

Want to invest in Uruguay?

Beyond the emotional elements, the investor must analyze the advantages each country offers. Investors are becoming more aware that foreign investment competition is fierce among countries, especially those located in the same geographic area; therefore comparing the advantages offered by each and every country is very good to finally decide the best option. The American Nobel prize winner, Milton Friedman (economist) quoted ”Investors in the current context are like consumers, they are benefited because…
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