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The future of food in South America

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The future of food in South America is uncertain, because high-quality food will be grown anywhere in the world where there is the lowest cost of inputs. The leadership of agriculture and food exports in South America is an achievement of generations and now yields its best harvest. This continent has a most conducive climate for producing high quality food, as well as exceptional soils, thanks to the volcanic ash of the Andes, accumulated over millennia. All these factors, coupled with hard work, the application…


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Agricultural investment in Uruguay will grow by 5% in this five-year period Global demand for agricultural products will remain strong in the coming decades, mainly sustained by increased consumption in Asia. In developing countries, the current average meat consumption of 26 kg will reach 37 kg by 2030. Meat consumption will continue to rise, as projected by the FAO. FAO Corporate Document Repository. Uruguay is a reliable and attractive destination for foreign agricultural investment. Uruguay is a predominantly…