Paraguay is choosing new friends

A new broom is sweeping through Paraguay as it resets it political and trade friends. With less than two months left on the clock of his five-year term, outgoing Paraguayan President Horacio Cartes put his final stamp on international affairs this May: a surprise announcement that Paraguay would move its Israeli embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Cartes’s decision made Paraguay the second nation (after Guatemala) to mimic President Donald Trump’s order relocating the United States Embassy from Tel Aviv…

Paraguay attracts investments from Uruguay

image of Paraguay attracts investments from Uruguay
Luis Chase, Ambassador of Paraguay in Uruguay, has commented on the fact that in recent years Paraguay has attracted investments from Uruguay, that this is due to the “Policy of the three 10s”: 10% VAT, 10% tax on corporate income and 10% personal income tax. Ambassador Chase added: “In Paraguay there is a fair balance between capital and labour, and few labour disputes.” He also stated that this “facilitates investment, protects it, it cannot be impounded,” and that “Paraguay…
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