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Latin America is the fastest-growing region for startups in the world?

Tech Startup Evolution – Calendar 2018
At first, I couldn’t believe it when I read this new — and little-known — statistic: Latin America is the world’s most rapidly growing region when it comes to the funding of startup companies. According to Crunchbase, a leading business information company, venture capital investors poured a record $19.5 billion into startups based in Latin America last year. That was more than triple the amount invested in the region’s startups in 2020, turning Latin America into “the fastest growing region in…

Latin America’s Digital Revolution

Covid-19 battered Latin America. It killed more people and caused deeper recessions than in any other region. But the massive disruption forced people to solve centuries-old regional challenges, accelerating a nascent digital revolution that will eventually save more lives and drive more economic growth than was lost in the pandemic. The region’s tech boom will also create a lot of wealth for investors. Latin America only saw its first unicorn – the name given to private tech start-ups worth more than $1billion…

10 Facts about Chile’s Growing Technology Scene “Chilean Valley”

There is a reason why so many countries are modelling their entrepreneurial ecosystems after Chile’s. With serious investments in technology and innovation, the Chilean government has spurred some amazing opportunities for technology startups to launch and grow in the country. Here are ten facts you need to know about Chile’s technology scene, also known as “Chilecon Valley.” 1. In 2017, Chile introduced a new tech visa allowing entrepreneurs, tech talent, and investors to acquire a visa in just 15…
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