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Combining Innovation With Sustainability In Latin America

Global Warming. Arguably the buzzword of the century. Preached by some, denied by others, it is the issue that is possibly going to define the legacy of our generation. A brief glance at some statistics tells enough of the story to hammer home what experts have been warning us about for decades. Since 2001, 17 of the 18 warmest years on record have been registered. Carbon Dioxide levels are at their highest point in 650,000 years, at a quite astonishing 409 parts per million. The global sea level is growing…


image of South American crops
Smart farming is becoming the norm in developed countries This is a report funded by Microsoft on the disruption taking place in the food sector in New Zealand and around the world. I have been saying for some time that small farmers who carry on the traditional forms of farming will increasingly struggle to survive. Certainly, there is evidence that this transformation has taken hold in the US with 80% of farmers using some kind of smart farming technique (Smart AKIS, 2017) and that it is an emerging phenomenon…

World scientists state that global investments in sustainable agriculture are needed to tackle food insecurity

Nearly one billion people in the world are undernourished, while millions suffer from chronic disease due to excess food consumption. global investments demand is growing for agricultural products and food prices are rising, yet roughly one-third of food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted. Climate change threatens more frequent drought, flooding and pest outbreaks, and the world loses 12 million hectares of agricultural land each year to land degradation. Land clearing and inefficient practices…
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