Latin America is the fastest-growing region for startups in the world?

Tech Startup Evolution – Calendar 2018
At first, I couldn’t believe it when I read this new — and little-known — statistic: Latin America is the world’s most rapidly growing region when it comes to the funding of startup companies. According to Crunchbase, a leading business information company, venture capital investors poured a record $19.5 billion into startups based in Latin America last year. That was more than triple the amount invested in the region’s startups in 2020, turning Latin America into “the fastest growing region in…

Three growing start-up cities in South America

Three growing start-up cities in South America Entrepreneurs take note! You want to take a look south of the Rio Grande for your next venture. Strong start-up culture is no longer limited to places like Silicon Valley, New York City and Austin, Texas. South American cities are gaining international attention for their robust start-up communities, low cost of doing business and impressive pool of tech talent. Not to mention, a number of South American governments are taking action to make sure that their cities…
Real Estate and Investment News from South America
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