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Soy: What you need to know about this challenging crop

Can a “hidden” commodity have a sustainable future? It’s the protein at the heart of the global food system. But most people are hardly aware of how much soy they eat – and where it comes from. Why is soy such an essential crop? And what’s being done to make sure it’s grown responsibly? We’re all familiar with soy. There are varieties aplenty: from vibrant green edamame beans (eaten straight from the pod) to tofu and tempeh. There are soy burgers, “meatballs,”…

Brazilian farmer optimism high with increasing soybean prices and cheap credit

Farm equipment manufacturers in Brazil are expecting strong sales this year, boosted by a second straight bumper soy crop and rising grain prices, which will more than offset weakness in the sugar cane sector, giving Brazilian grain farmers a new found optimism. Some machinery producers are forecasting sales growth as high as 8% in 2018 as farmers’ confidence rises and record-low interest rates encourage them to borrow and invest. “In the end, it all comes down to the price of soybeans. If…

El Tejar’s big shift from Argentina to Brazil

The farming company founded in 1987, El Tejar, who has become one of the biggest grain and oilseed producers globally, has relocated their headquarters from their original base in the province of Buenos Aires to São Paulo. Among the world’s top grain producers in 2012, the company have now also almost replaced their Argentina chief executive, Horacio Ackerman, with Brazilian Luiz Kaufman. The changes come as a result of a disintegrating relationship between the Argentine government and the farming…
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