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Soy: What you need to know about this challenging crop

Can a “hidden” commodity have a sustainable future? It’s the protein at the heart of the global food system. But most people are hardly aware of how much soy they eat – and where it comes from. Why is soy such an essential crop? And what’s being done to make sure it’s grown responsibly? We’re all familiar with soy. There are varieties aplenty: from vibrant green edamame beans (eaten straight from the pod) to tofu and tempeh. There are soy burgers, “meatballs,” soy sauce and, of course, that…

Argentina´s Soy King “Los Grobo” continues to expand in Brazil

Grobocopatel had already announced last year their plans to expand strongly in Brazil. “There are more opportunities there as the company is inclined to Argentina and Uruguay … You need to be more balanced with a significant stake in Brazil, ” the Argentine/Ukrainian Gustavo Grobocopatel said in an interview with Dow Jones Newswires. Their latest business plan is to transfer some assets to a new company and sell shares of the business in an initial public offering in Brazil. The company will…
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