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Do wind turbines or solar panels add or subtract from a property value?

Energías Renovables en Argentina
With Solar and Wind Farms now becoming common around the world including South America it might be time to look at other countries experience regarding whether these projects add value to the land when it is sold. For South America, Australia has some compatible data. Solar panel arrays, wind turbines and telecommunications towers are popping up on farms and grazing properties from northern Queensland through to Tasmania, providing producers with a steady, passive income stream, particularly valuable now as…

No more room for the little guys in Latin America’s clean energy market

image of El futuro de los alimentos
Latin America’s booming clean energy market is attracting the world’s energy giants, which are driving down prices and squeezing out the little guys. Smaller developers were instrumental in taking wind and solar mainstream in the region, making headlines in recent years by offering record low prices at government auctions. Now they’re getting undercut by bigger rivals like Enel SpA, AES Corp. and Iberdrola SA. The emergence of international power companies in Latin America is a testament to how mature…

Chile learns to harvest its formidable solar power opportunities

image of El futuro de los alimentos
The silence at El Romero is deceptive. Broken only by the ambient hum of transformers and with almost no humans in sight, there is nevertheless plenty going on beneath the surface of the giant solar panels that cover 280 hectares of the arid mountain landscape of northern Chile. About 200 megawatts per hour pulse from Latin America’s largest solar power station into nearby transmission lines that stretch more than 600km south to the capital Santiago from its location in the Atacama Desert, one of the driest…

Renewable Power is back on the agenda in Argentina

Renewable Power is back on the agenda in Argentina Mauricio Macri (pictured) is the first right-wing and the first pro-business president in Argentina for many years following the reign of the Kirchner family. One of the most important statements he made in the field of renewables was last October during a visit to the facilities of the photovoltaic park Cañada Honda. Macri said: “The goal for 2025 should be to achieve 20 per cent of renewable power and for that we need a new law, mechanisms and transparent…
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