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Do wind turbines or solar panels add or subtract from a property value?

Energías Renovables en Argentina
With Solar and Wind Farms now becoming common around the world including South America it might be time to look at other countries experience regarding whether these projects add value to the land when it is sold. For South America, Australia has some compatible data. Solar panel arrays, wind turbines and telecommunications towers are popping up on farms and grazing properties from northern Queensland through to Tasmania, providing producers with a steady, passive income stream, particularly valuable now as…

With the support of China, Jujuy in Argentina will be the largest solar park in Latin America

Thanks to the financing provided by the Chinese bank EXIM, the Government presented this morning the start of construction of the largest photovoltaic park in Latin America. The solar plant at Cauchari, in the Jujuy department of Susques, will generate about 300 MW from 1,200,000 panels to be placed on a 700-hectare site, the equivalent of the average City of Buenos Aires. The Cauchari stages I, II and III will demand an investment of U.S. $ 390 million, of which U.S. $ 331 million will be contributed by China…