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Southern hemisphere farmers will struggle to meet milk demand growth over next five years

image of Argentina: Los lácteos
Southern hemisphere farmers will struggle to produce about 20 billion liters of milk needed to feed the world’s demand growth over the next five years according to Rabobank research. Rabobank dairy analyst Emma Higgins said that most of the extra supply would need to be met by the northern hemisphere. “Countries like New Zealand will really struggle to be a significant player in providing the additional milk required given they are facing challenges on-farm in the form of increasing compliance…

Rabobank predicts Argentina will emerge as a new global powerhouse in the poultry industry

Experts at Rabobank have predicted a boost in the Argentine poultry meat exports driven by access to low-cost feed and high-quality production facilities. The country is a “natural candidate” for poultry production because it was a large producer of grains and protein crops such as corn and soybeans, giving poultry producers access to competitively priced feed, the agricultural lender said in a new report. Although Argentina was primarily associated with beef consumption, its domestic poultry sector had…