Puerto Varas or Little Germany

It could be a Little Germany Puerto Varas and its surrounding rolling farmland treat you to breathtaking views of valleys, vineyards, productive farms and, of course, the volcanoes. Most of you know that the most active volcano, the 6,500-foot Calbuco, erupted again after 50 years of inactivity. Fortunately for Chileans and unfortunately for Argentines, the Westerly winds blow most of the Ash over Argentina, leaving this beautiful town unaffected. Those villages closer to the epicentre are not so lucky. Strolling…

Life in Chile, in the top 7 for Puerto Varas

image of Puerto Varas, Chile
The final report of the Anillos project, 2015, has granted to Life in Chile, in the top 7 for Puerto Varas. The study delivers the Quality Index of Urban Life (ICVU), of the Catholic University and the Chilean Chamber of Construction, both institutions of high repute. The ICVU evaluates the quality of life of a given population in Chile, considering factors influencing urban space, i.e. for civil society and private and public sectors in the place. The aforementioned study evaluated the quality of life of 85%…

Is Puerto Varas in Chile the New Bariloche ?

Is Puerto Varas in Chile the New Bariloche ? Located in the Chilean Lakes District, Puerto Varas bills itself as the new Bariloche which is similar city on the Argentine side of the Andes. With similar lakeside views and stunning surrounding mountains, the town is certainly justified in making that comparison. However, while every other shop in Bariloche sells souvenirs and ill-placed apartment buildings that block lake views for most people, Puerto Varas remains a much more tranquil and less developed town.…
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