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For the second consecutive month, the prices of the properties in Buenos Aires fell

April and May changed a stable previous trend by tilting the course of prices downwards. 73% of the districts recorded a decrease or a stagnation of prices generating a concrete possibility for the investors looking for a home for savings a great opportunity not seen for many years. According to a report prepared by the Zonaprop portal, after a period of five months of stable values (November 2018 to March 2019), for the second consecutive month, the sale prices of the properties showed a slight downward trend,…

Recoleta: The Cultural and Residential Hot Spot of Buenos Aires

Ever since the late 1800’s Recoleta has been Buenos Aires’ residential and touristic neighborhood of choice; home to private family mansions, foreign embassies, and luxury hotels.  Back in 1879 when Buenos Aires suffered a terrible cholera and yellow fever epidemics, the population of the city spread out to avoid the contagion. The underprivileged classes settled in the south-southwest of the city, while the wealthy families settled in the Recoleta area, where the height of the terrain reduced the…
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