Chile’s Colorful Agriculture of the South

For many years the Araucanía region of Southern Chile has been characterized as the breadbasket of Chile due to the cultivation of cereals and industrial crops typical of the area. Rape oilseed is a plant that, when in Bloom, dazzles with its yellow colour. It is a crop that has been strengthened and whose demand is increasing due to the recovery of the salmon industry and the incorporation of canola oil in the daily feeding of people. The current challenge of improving competitiveness leads to incorporating…


imagen of retiree
Chile for retiree, affordable, safe, temperate climate and low cost of living Chile as a great place to retire has understood how to become a magnet for citizens around the world, as regards the consistency of its institutions and economy. With a privileged geography in terms of beauty and variety of the landscape. Chile welcomes foreigners with a perfect blend of natural beauty, social security, political stability, increasing social development and modern infrastructure. Together, these features make the…
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