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Boating, Golf and Polo: living the dream in Buenos Aires

image of the article Náutica, Golf y Polo
Boating, Golf, and Polo: living the dream in Buenos Aires In the River Plate edge of the great Pampas, Buenos Aires allows polo, golf, yachting, and motor boating enthusiasts to literally live steps from their playgrounds. Numerous modern megalopolis dwellers move into central areas to reduce commute times to their workplaces. Come their free time, they recur to ingenious exercises: urban bicycle lanes, rooftop running trails, indoor gyms, skating rings, or simply walking the cat around the block. Yet many…

Adriana Zaefferer – Artista Real en Argentina

# Adp03Adriana Zaefferer knows no masters painting or art schools, either contests or prizes. “The truth is I’m not interested; for me, I just like to paint, “says the interviewee in the meeting at his home in San Isidro, while a trio of purrs around cats and she apologizes for newly arrived holiday South Argentina and does not even his brushes and his canvas carrying bags. What is innate talent of Zaefferer from girl had a natural inclination for drawing and painting, without the need to…
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