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The worlds most exquisite​ chocolate?

The Pure Nacional tree once at the heart of South America’s chocolate industry was believed to have been lost forever – until it was recently rediscovered by accident in Peru. Travelling to the Marañón Canyon in northern Peru is like stepping back in time. Mud-brick houses dot the hilly landscape. Electricity, which arrived in this area just three years ago, is only available in a few homes, and supply can be inconsistent. It only works about five days a week and you never know which five days these will…


San Martin is located in the northeastern Peruvian territory, occupying areas of high and low forest, with a territorial extension of 51,253.31 Km2, which represents 4% of the national territory in the eastern flank of the Andean relief, in the northern and centralsector between The parallels 5o 15` and 8o 25`15“ of south latitude from the Ecuador. Its territory occupies the middle sector of the valley formed by the Huallaga River, which makes it an area with large endowments of natural resources. The…
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