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Containing Coronavirus – Paraguay’s Surprise Success

For a country with a young population and bright future, it’s striking how fixated Paraguay is with the past. The War of the Triple Alliance, an uneven battle that pitted Paraguay against Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay from 1864 to 1970, still shapes political discussions today. The war was notable for its incredible ferocity – judged by deaths per Paraguay’s population it was the most brutal in world history – and the courageous yet doomed defiance of the Paraguayans. But more importantly for investors,…

To manage abundance, is to farm in the Chaco Paraguay

“The Chaco is what we have defined as a very attractive area to invest, for simplicity, for the potential and for a set of variables that make it incomparable,” said Rodrigo Artagaveytia, director of Everdem; Who almost two decades ago decided to try their luck in the Chaco. In a very entertaining and very interesting talk, this Uruguayan agricultural producer, with an entrepreneurial spirit and business vision, shared his experience in Paraguay with ForoRural, a country that does not stop surprising…
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