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Hidden potential: why wealth firms are popping up in Paraguay

Paraguay atrae inversiones desde Uruguay
For a long time, ‘What’s the point?’ was reason enough to give up on a plan to open a wealth management firm in Paraguay. That’s not the case anymore. That market, shunned until now, has become an attractive destination for regional wealth management firms, given its fast growth rates in the past decade, as well as its business- and investment-friendly laws. Against this backdrop, interest in the South American country has become evident. This year, Uruguayan firm Atlantis Global Investors opened its…

Thinking of Investing in Paraguay. This is what you need to know.

  Reforms/regulatory network Industry expert Case study Introduction Having suffered from a liquidity crisis in 1995, Paraguay is going to great lengths to ensure it’s seen as an ample investment opportunity. A host of financial reforms as well as thriving economic circumstances are just part of Paraguay’s attempt to demonstrate huge potential for growth and investment. Invest in Paraguay Paraguay’s banking and financial services industry has recovered well from the 1995 liquidity crisis, when news…