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Paraguay is among the best countries to do business in 2019 in the region?

According to Forbes, since 2014, Paraguay’s economy grew at an average rate of 4%, due to strong production and high global prices, while other countries in the region have contracted Chile and Uruguay are still the best countries in South America to do business in 2019, according to a ranking published by the US magazine Forbes. While Paraguay is ranked 5 among the best, according to the table. Thus, over a total of 161 countries analyzed by Forbes on the business possibilities in 2019, Uruguay ranks…

Paraguay is now the worlds third largest exporter of soybeans

Paraguay ranks as the third largest exporter of soybeans this season, with an export volume of 5.8 million tons, according to the latest supply and demand of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), as replicated by the local Paraguay website. Paraguay country moves to the third position overtaking Argentina, which this year faced a historically severe drought, which has caused more than 15 million tonnes of soya losses. Production checks in the productive regions of Argentina,…

A 750% Increase in Paraguay’s Harvest Area

photo by Yenia Rivarola. 750% Aumenta Cosecha en Paraguay
Grain production has shown a 750% increase in Paraguay’s harvest area in the last 25 years. The export of grain accounts for $5 billion USD in revenue for Paraguay. In turn, transportation by truck for the export of grain means heavy congestion on the roads, which have been very poorly maintained and are insufficient for the increased demand. The most conservative numbers say there is more than 570,000 road trips from the farms to the ports and urban centres during just 10 months of the year. Paraguay shows…
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