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To manage abundance, is to farm in the Chaco Paraguay

“The Chaco is what we have defined as a very attractive area to invest, for simplicity, for the potential and for a set of variables that make it incomparable,” said Rodrigo Artagaveytia, director of Everdem; Who almost two decades ago decided to try their luck in the Chaco. In a very entertaining and fascinating talk, this Uruguayan agricultural producer, with an entrepreneurial spirit and business vision, shared his experience in Paraguay with ForoRural. This country does not stop surprising those…

Agricultural land in Alto Paraná is now more expensive than in the US

An investigation by the Center for Analysis and Diffusion of the Paraguayan Economy (Cadep) revealed that the average price of agricultural land in Paraguay is similar to that of productive areas in the United States and even higher in some cases, such as the price of land in Alto Paraná, whose price is USD 14,858 per hectare; almost double that of the US state of Iowa. The gap is even more notable in the Central Department, characterized by high real estate growth, although it is also an important fruit and…

Paraguay is now the worlds third largest exporter of soybeans

Paraguay ranks as the third largest exporter of soybeans this season, with an export volume of 5.8 million tons, according to the latest supply and demand of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), as replicated by the local Paraguay website. Paraguay country moves to the third position overtaking Argentina, which this year faced a historically severe drought, which has caused more than 15 million tonnes of soya losses. Production checks in the productive regions of Argentina,…
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