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The Carem in Argentina is a very important project in developing nuclear energy using small plants.

Rafael Grossi, director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, toured the facilities where CNEA builds the Argentine Central for Modular Elements (Carem) prototype.  Grossi arrived at the Atucha Nuclear Complex located on the shores of the Paraná River at the height of the Zárate district of Buenos Aires (in Lima) after visiting President Alberto Fernández. With it, he analyzed the potential of Carem to be the protagonist of a market estimated at 300 billion dollars. Grossi met with President…

Argentina assesses its nuclear strengths

Argentina has a nuclear legacy more than half a century old and has supplied reactors to nations from Algeria to Australia in the past. It has embraced an ambitious multi billion-dollar expansion program spanning desalination and submarines and it hopes to cater to the Arabian Gulf region’s plans for atomic energy. But Argentina realizes it has some challenges before it can make itself a household name for nuclear power, such as France or Russia, or even rival the newcomer powerhouses South Korea…
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