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Dairy Farming in Southern Chile is not unlike farming in New Zealand except the returns are much better

Dairy farming has lots of potential in Southern Chile. Already one New Zealand dairy company called Manuka amongst others has got itself firmly established.  Seventy per cent is owned by five cornerstone investing families, including the Van der Heyden family, and Mark and Diane Townshend of Fonterra fame. Since establishing operations in early 2005, Manuka has now established itself as a significant foreign investor in Chile’s dairy industry. So much so that Manuka now milks 25,000 of Chile’s…

New Zealand owned Fonterra’s low milk payments to Chilean farmers spawn a breakaway co-op plan

Dairy farmers in southern Chile say Fonterra’s continuing underpayment for their milk has left them little choice but to build their own processing cooperative. The South American country’s second-biggest dairying operator, the part Kiwi-owned Chilterra company, and about 200 farming families were in advanced stages of planning the new cooperative, said chairman Mike McBeath, a Waikato dairying consultant and businessman. The next step was to raise US$10-12 million to build a processing plant. Chilterra…
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