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The Modernisation of Peru Continues

The Modernisation of Peru Continues Bloomberg News, April 24 (Bloomberg) Something extraordinary is happening in Peru. There has been considerable improvement in the economy and in the stability of political life. And the country is experiencing strong — though still limited — progress in its social programs. But above and beyond these achievements, Peruvians are changing the painful perception they have long had of themselves and their country’s place in the world; they are altering the country’s…

Agricultural Exports Increase from Peru’s Coastal Deserts

For Peru, agriculture has always been about water and finding inventive ways to capture it. Examples from prehistory include the terraced gardens of the Huari people, the underground aqueducts of the Nazcas, and systems of reservoirs and canals used by the Incas to irrigate their mountain fields. #adp02 Those ancients would be in awe of how modern Peru uses irrigation to coax increasingly more life out of desert lands considered to be the driest in the world. In the process, Peru is transforming itself into…
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