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Latin America’s Wild Economic History, Explained | The Wealth of Nations

The economic history of Latin America is filled with promise and tragedy. From Argentina in 1895 becoming the wealthiest country in the world per capita, to Venezuela in 2019 becoming the human rights crisis in the western world. Latin America is a land of incredible wealth and incredible corruption. Using the data from The Maddison Project and the power of Flourish. Studio’s visualization software, I tell the story of Latin America, from an economic perspective. From 1800 to modern times. This video is a…

☀ A look at the Potential for future growth in Latin America

A look at the potential for future growth in Latin America If you take a look at this scorecard done in 2104 and then compare in 2017, we believe you will see some surprising changes if a creditable government gets into power in Argentina in November 2015. Not only will Argentina boom it will lift its neighbours economies. In particular Uruguay and Paraguay. The scorecard also helps us identify areas where a country needs to invest to achieve its higher growth potential. The clear leaders in the region…
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