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Investing in Electric Vehicles in Chile

Latin America is one of the global leaders in green energy production. Just last year, Costa Rica ran for 300 days on 100% renewably-sourced energy. In 2016, 50% of Latin America’s energy production came from renewables. With such expertise in the industry, Latin American governments are increasingly initiating more electric transport systems. Leading this pack on EV uptake is Chile. Chile’s Energy Minister Susana Jiménez pledged that electric vehicles will account for 40% of private vehicle ownership and…

Electric buses surging in Latin America, Chile adding to the fleet as it aims for all-electric by 2040

A number of Latin American countries are ramping up their adoption of electric buses this year, with Chile leading the way. The country recently added 200 new electric buses to its fleet, with an expected 500 more to follow next year, as it aims to have a fully electric public transport system by 2040. An update comes from UN Environment, which offers a few more details about the ongoing plans of a number of Latin American nations with regard to electric buses and mobility. Chile currently has the…
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