Argentina continues with its infrastructure boom in 2019

Energías Renovables en Argentina
Although in 2018 infrastructure spending will fall in inflation adjusted terms, there will be more funds for long-term projects in the following year which is an election one.  The spending could still be even higher if PPP (Private and State) agreements currently being negotiated are concluded successfully. With the strategy of producing a funnel that focuses all the states resources to be fully deployed in a final sprint, where the government will reduce spending next year in real terms the investment…

Obama’s visit will boost investment in Argentina

Investment in Argentina The upcoming visit of United States President Barack Obama to Argentina on March 23 and 24 has prompted across-the-board optimism among US companies in the country, which believe the trip will encourage more investment in  Argentina in the coming years — perhaps even leading to new firms arriving. But it won’t be such an easy road, they warn, with a long list of economic woes such as rising inflation and the lack of dollars and foreign funding. CEOs from the local branches of JP…
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