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Urbanisation – Governance Report from Peru

Peru has experienced strong growth in recent years and now is suffering growing pains that will need to be addressed if the social contract is to be respected.
Urbanisation – Governance Report on Peru This hard hitting report on the growing pains of Peru as it tries to balance economic growth with middle class wants and is a must read for any serious investor looking at Peru. GTSA is looking to expand it services there in 2016. The glittering Real Plaza shopping centre in the Comas district north of Lima buzzes with middle-class energy, featuring franchises like Popeye’s and KFC, DirecTV and RadioShack, McDonald’s, China Wok and even a multi-screen “Cineplanet”…

Doing Business in Peru 2014

Nowadays Peru is a country with a favorable investment climate and a suitable legal framework to invest and conduct economic activities, which has translated into a stable economic environment and sustainable growth in the past years.Being fully aware of foreign investors’ needs, understanding their businesses and acknowledging that grasping Peru’s legal framework is a challenge, Estudio Echecopar is pleased to introduce its business legal guide Doing Business in Peru – 2014 edition to the community…