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Argentina as an investment destination in 2019

Argentina is an attractive investment destination, assisting investors throughout the investment process: analysis, decision-making, establishment, operation, and reinvestment Why invest in Argentina? It is one of the largest and wealthiest economies in Latin America: 3rd largest economy in the region with a GDP of USD 586 Bn (after Brazil and Mexico) 2nd highest GDP per capita in the region in PPP terms, following Chile (USD 22,600) 4th country in the region in terms of population (43 Mn) To assist potential…

Foreign Investors are still cautious about returning to Argentina. We wonder why ?

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No matter how you look at it, investors are still hesitant or have not responded to the invitation the current government is presenting to them in the numbers that one would expect, given the opportunity that Argentina currently presents. The government of Mauricio Macri received an extremely poisoned inheritance: and although his cabinet and his speeches seduce many abroad, the burden of the past is still very heavy. And local Argentines often do not help themselves; short-term thinking rules and populism…

Foreign Investors are becoming more optimistic about positive change in Argentina

A number of interesting trends are happening in the Argentine Real Estate Market currently. There is increased interest from European buyers in Argentine for investment type properties. This is partly driven I suspect by lower prices and an observation that the current dysfunctional government of Argentine is about to change. For the first time in decades if ever the opposition parties are joining ranks and the polls show the voters love them for it. A new broom with introduced policies the opposition parties…
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