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Changing Farmland Investing Options

We think farmland as an investment is something that in 5-10 years will be a must in any professionally managed diversified portfolio. We are excited to be at the forefront of reporting the rapid changes in this exciting new market which is now opening more opportunities for smaller investors via syndicates and specialised agro funds. Those smaller investors ( USD 50,000 to USD 200,000 ) seeking exposure to real assets with strong cash yields and low volatility have found it nearly impossible to get direct…

Agribusiness opportunities in emerging markets

If you are looking for portfolio diversification using farmland, we can show you options that are very practical for the mid-sized and larger investor. GTSA  offers options for direct and indirect opportunities for farmland ownership in emerging economies such as Paraguay, Uruguay and Peru. Farmland is an attractive long-term investment that offers current income, capital appreciation, an inflation hedge and favorable diversification that is negatively correlated with traditional asset classes such as…

Chinas´s agricultural investments in Brazil views

The New York Times Published: May 26, 2011 By Alexei Barrionuevo When the Chinese came looking for more soybeans here last year, they inquired about buying farmland in South America — lots of it. Officials in this farming area would not sell the hundreds of thousands of acres needed. Undeterred, the Chinese pursued a different strategy: providing credit to farmers and potentially tripling the soybeans grown here to feed chickens and hogs back in China. “They need the soy more than anyone,”…
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