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A snapshot of Argentine farming sectors changes

image of South American crops
Where agribusiness goes in Argentina, so does the country. The latest National Survey of Agricultural Producers (ENPA), was conducted the Agribusiness Centre of the Universidad Austral, in partnership with the Centre for Agribusiness at Purdue University (USA), reflects how the farming activity is changing in the view of many producers.  A new model, more capital intensive per hectare, exists now in order to grow products more integrated into the chain individually or associatively with other producers. They…

☀ Argentine agricultural sector importance for the world economy

Argentina is a vast country, rich in natural resources, blessed with good soil and excellent weather. Twenty per cent of GDP is agriculture related, making the agricultural sector in Argentina important for the world economy. As the land available for agricultural production around the world becomes increasingly scarce, yield will be key to maintaining food supplies in the future. And few agricultural economies can compete with the yields obtained by Argentinean farmers. Argentina is the world’s largest exporter…