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Property values in Buenos Aires of small apartments drop up to 25% in USD in value plus there is more on offer than ever before

There are 152,000 properties for sale in the City of Buenos Aires. More than 70% are departments. The vast majority are of one and two rooms. There is little demand because there are no interested investors due to the low rate of profitability being generated by rental returns. Month by month, the real estate market breaks a new record. In June, there was a boom of properties for sale, with a total of 152,000 units on sale In Buenos Aires city . More than 70% are small apartments, the vast majority are very…

Buenos Aires Real Estate sales fell 27.4% in December 2018

The real estate market echoed, in 2018, the impact of the economic crisis. Last December the deeds of sale in the province of Buenos Aires fell 27.44% over the same month of 2017 and completed a year with a negative balance. Last month 14,890 operations were completed, compared to 20,521 a year earlier. The data arises from the monthly report prepared by the College of Notaries of the province of Buenos Aires. With the December data, 2018 concluded with a total of 119,633 writes, a 6.8% less than the 128,345…
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