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Direct Farming in South American Los Grobo Style is changing

Direct Farming in South American Los Grobo Style is changing Farming without fields An Argentine farming group is heavy on science and light on assets BRIAN BRETT, a poet, called farming “a profession of hope”. Farmers must pray for just enough rain, amenable soil conditions and good market prices. In Argentina their prayers do not end there. Since the country’s financial crisis in 2002, its government has taxed farmers at between 20% and 35% on their grain exports, while galloping inflation…

El Tejar’s big shift from Argentina to Brazil

The farming company founded in 1987, El Tejar, who has become one of the biggest grain and oilseed producers globally, has relocated their headquarters from their original base in the province of Buenos Aires to São Paulo. Among the world’s top grain producers in 2012, the company have now also almost replaced their Argentina chief executive, Horacio Ackerman, with Brazilian Luiz Kaufman. The changes come as a result of a disintegrating relationship between the Argentine government and the farming…

Argentine group El Tejar became the biggest soy farmer in Mato Grosso´s region

Argentina-based Ag company El Tejar harvested approximately 680,000 metric tons (25 million bushels) of soybeans in Mato Grosso -Brazil’s main producing state- during the 2010-11 season, ending the decade-long reign of Erai Maggi, whose Bom Futuro group produced 576,000 tons (21 million bushels), according to data compiled by the Mato Grosso Soybean and Corn Producers Association (APROSOJA). El Tejar has operated in Brazil since 2003, largely adopting the Argentine model of renting land. The company has…
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