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The El Paseo del Bajo Freeway is a palpable reality on Buenos Aires Waterfront

Attempts of all kinds were mounted to abort this major work that Buenos Aires City has had the opportunity to inaugurate. The El Paseo del Bajo is already a reality. The new 7.1km motorway improves the circulation of more than 25,000 vehicles per day and Its exclusive truck lanes allow them to travel faster and gives them direct access to the port. Although it is a toll road there are no booths as the fee is collected electronically. In addition, 60,000 m² of new green spaces and the removal of historic barriers…

El Paseo del Bajo will open in Buenos Aires in 2019

In one year it is anticipated that the Paseo del Bajo ( under pass )will be inaugurated, which is the work of the Porteño local government – together with the Corporación Puerto Madero, connecting the Illia highway with the Buenos Aires-La Plata and 25 de Mayo. This new 7.1 km long corridor will channel heavy transportation away from the city centre. It will create 60,000 m2 of new green spaces, which integrate the underpass roof with the newest neighbourhood in the city. But, beyond the mobility improvements…
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