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International Schools in Argentina

image of children International Schools in Argentina
One difference, which may sometimes be confusing, is that the international schools in Argentina are called colleges; they are generally private and a monthly fee is paid. Education in Argentina has a very good standard, with a wide range of international schools. Public universities are free for all undergraduate programs, which surprises many foreigners. Education is highly valued by Argentinean society as a whole. As in most countries, private schools offer better value, basically, because they have more…

Can Latin American higher education go global without using English?

Some Latin American countries are dedicating important resources to internationalisation of their higher education systems. This has triggered a rapid response from institutions, associations and even governments from the developed world. Suddenly Latin American universities became regarded as important potential partners and everyone wants to cooperate, most with a greedy eye for tuition fees. But institutions with a strategic view should now be thinking about taking the opportunity to go beyond simply hosting…

Buenos Aires once again voted the top South American city to study in.

Buenos Aires has come out on top for the best South American city to study in. For those who are students, it is now the most recommended city, for the second year running. Paris comes out in top being the best place and in third place is London in front of Singapore, Sydney, Melbourne and Zurich according to the annual ranking set out by QS (Quacquarelli Symonds Ltd). In the top ten include Hong Kong, Boston, Montreal and Munich. Other South American cities did appear on the list such as the City of Mexico…
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