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Agriculture in Paraguay is building on its core strengths

The production of food commodities is where Paraguay excels. Government plans focus on reducing the impact of volatility on the agricultural industry through the use of technology, improved transport links and increased processing capacity. The Government’s development of country-wide infrastructure projects will not just aid economic diversification – it will also benefit Paraguay’s core economic strength: agricultural production. And while there is consensus within the country about the need to diversify…

Things look increasingly positive for PARAGUAY as growth continues

Things look increasingly positive for PARAGUAY as growth continues Paraguay’s growth estimate is now the highest for the whole of Latin America. With the dreaded Foot and Mouth Disease hitting the country in 2012, coupled with the drought, which caused the government to call for emergency assistance, the year saw a contraction of 0.9%. Since then the situation has been increasingly positive for the South American country. Estimates have been on the increase since 9.5% in October last year following to 10.5%…
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